Monday, 2 September 2013

Maine Lobster Dinner: Mouth-watering and Succulent Dishes at Online Stores

The Gulf of Maine has been witnessing a boom in the production of lobster. An average of 20 million pounds of lobsters each year was being caught for decades at the Maine. But, in the last year, lobster-men at Maine fished out a record 125 million pounds of lobster. (Source:

Lobsters account for almost 80 percent of all the sea foods from Maine’s coast. If you look at production as well as consumption rate of Maine lobster, you will find out that this particular species of lobster has always been popular among the seafood lovers. People from across the United States have always loved to eat Maine lobster.

Many people think that residents of Maine are fortunate to have access to fresh and cheap lobster. But, in reality, these people consume less lobster than the ones from other parts of United States and visitors at the Maine coast.

Delicious seafood dinner at restaurants in Maine

When visitors go to Maine in search of luscious lobster dinner, they get a lot of options to choose from. Restaurants at the Maine have plenty of scrumptious lobster dinner to offer to the visitors. Many people desire to cook lobster dinner dishes at home but have to suppress their desire due to unavailability of fresh Maine lobsters at marketplaces.

Much to the respite of seafood lovers, some online food stores have started offering delicious and quick seafood recipes to the seafood lovers. One of the quick and intense lobster dishes available at these stores is Maine Lobster Shooters.

A well known online Maine lobster retailer says, “When most people think of a lobster dinner, they imagine lobster meat drenched in melted butter, but there are a wide range of healthy lobster recipes that we’re highlighting every week,” He adds, “One of our main goals from the beginning has been to encourage seafood lovers to enhance everyday life by adding lobster and we love offering these healthy alternatives.” (Source:

Now, take a look at the required ingredients to prepare Maine lobster shooters

• Clarified butter, 2 pounds

• Lobster claws, 6

• Fresh Maine lobster tails, 4

• Large garlic cloves, 3

• Lemon juice

How to prepare?

• Set aside one third of warm clarified butter

• In a large pot, place uncooked lobster tails and claws with shells

• Pour the remaining butter into the pot

• On low heat, simmer until the colour of shell changes to bright red and meat is cooked thoroughly

• After 5 minutes of cooling, pull out the meat from tails

• Chop the meat into pieces

• Pour the reserved butter into each shooter glass

• Place the lobster meat into shooter glass and sprinkle lemon juice, according to taste

Keep in mind that Maine lobster shooters taste at its best when served warm.

So, if you are looking to spend some quality time with your loved ones over Maine lobster dinner, order a delicious dish of your choice, now.