Friday, 26 April 2013

Wine That Savors the Taste of Maine Lobsters

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Are you searching for a beverage that will complement your lobster dinner in precision?  Surprisingly you will find everyone giving wine a first preference. Actually, Maine lobsters don’t seem to do without wine because the duo tends to make the best pair for a plush dinner.

Keeping in mind that the flavor of food has a certain level of impact on a glass of wine, you really have to be careful when you choose the lobster recipe to maintain perfectness. Lobster and wine boast of an inseparable bond; where there is lobster, there is wine and vice versa. 

Wine has this inherent property to exaggerate as well as weaken the true essence of food. Did you know that red wine contains tannin? Tannic wines can’t be paired with lobsters because the latter bears a salty and delicate flavor which tends to diminish with every sip of the former. 

Unlike red wines, white wines tend to gel best with seafood because they are tannin-free. There is simply no doubt in the fact that white wine goes best with Maine lobsters that are deliciously fleshy. 

If your lobster dinner is simple and comprises boiled or steamed crustaceans, you can rely on something as brilliant as the California Chardonnay or even a glass of white burgundy. For a fascinating pair, you can match grilled lobsters with Albarino. 

Knowing well that white wine and lobsters make a superior gourmet couple; you can pour a glass of Oregon Pinot Gris to pair it with Lobster Benedict on a balmy evening. However, the Pinot Grigio may become a weightier option for a main course meal. 

For a lobster dish that is deliciously opulent and contains a generous amount of cream, the California Chardonnay certainly makes a perfect match. Some may like to pair the saucy seafood cuisine with white burgundy lending an acidic flavor to the palate. Personally, the Chassagne Montrachet or the Puligny Montrachet makes a wonderful pair with shellfish dipped in saucy fantasy. 

Lobster seasoned with Asian herbs would need either a glass of sparkling wine or bubbling champagne in wonderful flutes. The champagne is meant to enhance the aromatic profile of the delicacy while sustaining the sweetness of lobster meat. 

For a toastier treat with grilled Maine lobsters in buttery dip, nothing can make a better pair than a Chardonnay. It helps envelop the oceanic flavor to a higher level. To ensure that you wine and dine on the best of lobster cuisines you can check out recipes overthe internet.

Thursday, 25 April 2013

A Family Dinner Turned Special with Lobster

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Imagine yourself sitting together with all your family members, enjoying prolong conversations over family matters and good old childhood days. Nothing can be as pleasing as this. Getting the entire family under one roof and then enjoying food together; money can hardly buy these priceless moments. So, what can you do to make these special moments come alive once more? Lay your hands on tasty culinary ideas that will make the family dinner even more worthwhile. 

How about trying lobsters? Actually these crustaceans are meant for any season. You can cook them in any form and in any flavor; there are endless recipes floating across the web and you could be lucky to get hold on a few of them if you want. 

Ordering lobsters online 

If you don’t have much time to fetch lobsters from even your nearest departmental store, you can certainly rely on Maine lobster sellers operating their business online. Ordering lobsters online is a much convenient idea for those who don’t reside by the Portland coasts which home the world’s tastiest and fleshiest lobsters. The lobster sellers don’t take much time to select and deliver the fresh Maine lobsters to the customer’s doorstep. Though a bit pricy, Maine picks are certainly worth a buy because of their authentic flavorful taste.

For a pleasant surprise you can arrange a lobster dinner for your family and watch them how they soak into the happy mood as you serve them the oceanic delicacies. Whether it’s, Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Year, Birthdays or Anniversaries, a perfect platter don’t seem to do without these succulent shellfish. Yes!! You can cook Maine lobster for every occasion; sometime you may just cook them for family pleasure.
The mildly-sweet and delicate flavor of lobster meat is 100% natural because these exotic sea-creatures are fetched from the deep ocean floors.  Nothing can surpass the taste of fresh picks because they tend to bear an authentic flavor. 

Laying your hands on different Maine lobster recipes

It’s not quite an ordeal to cook Maine lobsters and there are several ways on how you can prepare them. For example, the surf and turf lettuce wraps will make quite a good snack for the evening. For the dinner menu you can simply rely on the baked stuffed Maine lobster, the Italian lobster pie, lobster ravioli, creamy Maine lobster stew, Spanish poached lobster, lobster with Chinese vegetables, the rock lobster jambalaya, lobster chili and a lot more.

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Delicious Oceanic Treats For Birthdays

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Birthday parties go really well with seafood. These days, people are skipping regular menus and resorting to seafood just to add a flavor to the celebrative mood. Even I believe, to some extent good food has a lot to do with making someone happy; so why not seafood? 

When someone is bored of regular recipes, he/she quickly needs a shift. In fact my son Joshua, had told me to prepare something different this time for his birthday party; after all, we had invited his school friends and he wanted me to prove how well his mother really is, at cooking seafood cuisines. 

I was pretty nervous at first because I was not quite acquainted to seafood recipes; I have hardly prepared them in my own kitchen; but thanks to the online seafood recipes. They were a great help for me. 

While reading about seafood recipes for a birthday party I had chanced upon a preparation on crab meat and Asian herbs. I was quite sure that Joshua and his friends would love to taste the succulent and delicate crab meat enveloped inside a golden omelet. I had to first collect the ingredients which included the following: 

·         Green chilies (de-seeded and halved), 1
·         Crabmeat (cooked), 1 cup
·         Grated ginger, 2 tsp
·         Pea sprouts (trimmed), 1 cup
·         Spring onions (thinly sliced), 6
·         Fish sauce, 1 tsp
·         Soy sauce, 2 tsp
·         Eggs, 3
·         Oyster sauce, 2 tbsp 

Firstly, I took a bowl and then mixed the crab meat with ginger, ½ chili and ½ spring onions. After this, I had set them aside. Then I kept the remaining portion of the chopped chili and placed it inside a bowl. I had also added the remaining part of the spring onion along with the sprouts and then, again I had to set this mixture aside. 

Meanwhile, I had to slightly beat the eggs along with the fish sauce and soy. Next, I took some oil in a skillet and brushed it thoroughly. After the oil got heated, I had to add the eggs and had to gently stir them with a fork (note: I had used the underside of the fork). As the egg got cooked, I had to ensure that it remained soft. After taking out the cooked egg from the skillet I had to pour the crab meat mixture just at the centre of it. Then, I rolled it up and sliced it from the middle. I had also poured some oyster sauce on it and garnished it with sprout mixture. 

After, the Asian crab omelet, I had to prepare mussels with green onions and ginger. Josh had told me that his friends were head over heels for it.  The mussel recipe needed the following ingredients:
  • Medium sized ginger (peeled and finely shredded)
  •   Chinese 5 spice, ½ tsp
  • Sesame oil, 1 tsp
  • Thin slices of a garlic clove
  •  Trimmed and sliced green onions
  • Soy sauce (dark), 2 tbsp
  • Chicken stock, ½ cup
  • Peanut oil, 2 tsp
  • Brown sugar, 1 tbsp
  • Trimmed choy sum, 2 bunches
  •  De-bearded and scrubbed black mussels, 2lb
Firstly I took a wok and placed it on high flame; then I added oil. After this I had added the five spices, garlic and ginger and also ½ green onions into the oil and stirred the ingredients for a minute. Later on, I poured the soy sauce, wine, sugar and chicken stock and brought the mixture to a boil. After this, I added the mussels and covered the wok for about 3-4 minutes. After the mixture got cooked I transferred the entire of it in a bowl. 

After some time, I had to add the peanut oil in the wok and heat it over high flame. Next, I added the choy sum and stirred to fry the same. I also took some shallow bowls where I had placed choy sum and had topped it with cooking liquid and mussels. I had also sprinkled the leftover green onions over the food. 

To have an idea about seafood recipes you can simply go online.

Enjoy a Mouthful of Delicacies with Lobster Tails

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A lobster is one of the best seafood delights. It is loved by both seafood lovers and non-seafood lovers. Lobster rules the world of the crustaceans and is known as the king of seafood.  Most of the people love to eat lobsters but they find it too expensive to buy a whole lobster. This is the reason that people are recommended to buy lobster tails.

Lobster Tails are Inexpensive Buys

People who have had lobsters know that most of the lobster meat is available in the lobster meat. It is the meat and claws of the crustacean that are known to contain most of the meat and therefore are preferred by individuals who are unable to buy whole of the lobster. Moreover it is meaningless to buy a whole live lobster and spend some extra dollars when you can enjoy most of the lobster meat from the lobster tails. Lobster tails are actually an economical way to enjoy lobsters.

Lobster Tails Can Be Lip-Smacking 

It is true that lobster tails can make for some lip smacking delicacies. Though it might sound a little unbelievably to you but lobster tails are soon becoming a hot favorite of foodies from all across the world. Again seafood connoisseurs and chefs believe that lobster tastes the best when they are from cold water. Their taste is incomparable and they are much tastier than their warm water counterparts. 

Grilling and Broiling Lobster Tails

Grilling is known to  be one of the best ways in which you can savor lobster tails. The first thing that you need to do is to defrost the lobster tails. As this takes a little while, in the meantime you can prepare the sauce with which you would like to enjoy your lobster. You can then cut the tails lengthwise into halves and make sure that during the entire procedure the shell remains intact. Now you can apply the sauce onto the lobster flesh and then place the tails on the barbeque grills. You need to cook them for around 15 minutes while you keep adding the sauce to the tails.

Another great way by which you can enjoy lobster tails is broiling them. For this, an incision needs to be made in the shell and then a portion of the shell needs to be peeled to reveal the lobster meat. Next you can make a marinade and the mixture can be of your choice. Then, dip the tail into this marinade and place them in the oven for around 10 minutes. Your crispy and delicious lobster tail is all ready for you.
Now that you know quite a lo9t about how you can enjoy lobster tails you can buy them online here.

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Pair up your Lobster Dinner with the Perfect Side Dish

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A weekend dinner always calls for celebration with the entire family over the dining table. While making a lobster dinner most of us face the problem of not knowing what to serve it with. It is true that a special main dish deserves special side dishes. While you plan out your meal whether it is serving a steak or a lobster dinner, you need to consider a few side dishes and innovative ideas:

Start Off with an Appetizer

Always remember that choosing the right appetizer is the key to making your dinner a success. You can bake up some cheesy biscuits or arrange for some light salad of greens. A mini lobster roll would actually be the perfect opening act for the delicious lobster main entrée.

Pair your Dinner up

You might want to pair your lobster with steak or something other and make it a combined dinner. A good companion to the lobster is butter sauce and you can try sugar snap peas. You can also serve sautéed asparagus with a sauce of your choice.

Side Dishes

Lobster as a dish is relatively heavy and therefore it is better for you to choose a typically lighter side dish. A green salad with a light creamy dressing perfectly compliments lobster dishes. You can also plan a fruit salad that has a creamy dressing. Another side that goes well with a lobster dish is garlic toast.

End With a Decent Dessert

An elegant dinner needs to end with an elegant dessert as well. You can try making a homemade cheesecake or a chocolate cake without flour. Both these desserts are actually rich enough to stand up to a fabulous lobster dinner for your entire family. You can also serve them with tiny little slices of indulgence. A cup of dessert wine would be just perfect.

A lobster does not require being prepared in an exceptionally fancy way. If you think that lobster is a delicacy for adults only then you are wrong. Lobster dishes can be enjoyed by every member of your family and is a hit among children as well. The key lies in cooking the dish in a perfect way. It is for this reason that picking the right lobster is as important as selecting the right side dish.

You can master fewquick and delicious recipes online. The internet has evolved as one of the biggest repositories of information and here information implies information about lobster dishes and other seafood recipes.