Friday, 9 August 2013

Time to Celebrate Scrumptious Seafood Delicacies!

From August 9 (Friday) to August 11 (Sunday), three events will be celebrated by Yarmouth to showcase the local seafood delicacies. The marquee event provides an opportunity to the local people to showcase their talent in something “they do best” said the Yarmouth Seafood and Wine Extravaganza committee chairman, Carole Hill Bojarski. She said, “This is all about our community and being together. We never celebrate the best things that we do here. Why don’t we want to celebrate that we have the best seafood in the world?’

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For the local branch of the VON at Rudder’s Tent on the water front the weekend begins with a surf and turf fundraiser. The event has been going on for the several years now; the organization has got benefitted since its combination with seafood committee and sale has gone up. From VON office on Starrs Road the tickets for dinner will be available and the dinner time is 5-7p.m.

In Fish Fiesta, on Saturday, 11-2.30 p.m. samplings of local seafood will be provided, prepared and served by community service club and non-profit organizations. Fiesta serves the elements of Fish Feast which was held at Alma Square in association with Seafest. However, the service club and waterfront environment participation has refreshed the theme. The tickets are available at entrance which will be used to purchase samples from seven stations serving different dishes.

It is medium to raise the fund for non-profit organizations like Knights of Columbus and Rotary Club. There will be shrimp, mussel, chowder, barbeque shark and many more. The traditional seafood casserole will be served by Acadian Village. Bojarski said that the organizers wanted to merge the event with Saturday market at Hawthorn Street.

The display will also be hosted by the Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture. The second annual Seafood and Wine Extravaganza show which is an upscale combination of food and wine tasting and cocktail party, will be culminated on Sunday evening at Rodd Grand Hotel and Convention Centre.

The main features of the event are culinary dishes which will be prepared by three celebrity chefs, Digby Pines, David Smart and Mark Gray. Offerings from local restaurants and seafood producers will be joining the chefs which include Bread & Olives Café, Dennis Point Café, The Dinner Plate, The Lobster Shack etc. Bojarski assured that the event will pair all the best seafood and best wine of the region. It’s better to purchase the tickets in advance.

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