Tuesday, 11 June 2013

A Loving Touch of Maine Coasts Felt In Delicious Recipes

Have you ever checked out the startling array of seafood recipes available online? Websites are not just selling frozen and live seafood; they are also offering recipes for online visitors. From lobsters, crabs and shrimp to clams, scallops and mussels, you can try out the assorted flavors to create the best ever seafood recipe. While some derive their credit from Maine kitchens and flavors, others seemingly bear some kind of American or Asian touch; a lot of hard work is needed to invent such brilliant seafood preps. No matter how difficult a recipe may apparently look like, you must not give up; that’s exactly where the test lies.

For example, the Scallop Po Boy is one thing you will not want to miss out. Lettuce, mayo and scallops; the delicious combination makes it saucier. The goodness of this recipe lies with its simplicity and taste.

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A dash of paprika, some parmesan cheese and butter spooned on halibut makes the perfect dish for a main-course dinner. Don’t miss out on baked halibut, if you have invited guests for a wedding anniversary party; surprise them with some great seafood recipes.

Spicy and saucy, Cajun shrimp is loved for its tantalizing taste and spiciness; and then when you pair it with chardonnay, you will actually realise why seafood betters other cuisines.

Keep the party mood going with Tantalizing garlic white mussels; adopted straight away from Michigan’s kitchen, the recipe demands ,less spicy and low cooking, because overdoing may lead to dryness, which is of course not preferable if you are dealing with mussels. Restore the creamy flavors till the mussels end up in your mouth.

Tantalizing garlic white mussels
Keeping aside the sauciness in the menu, it’s worth trying something crispy and good. How about fresh Maine crab sliders? The handpicked Maine crab meat is responsible in adding a succulent and crunchy flavor to the dish. The crab sliders make great appetizers for the evening.

If you are trying something as crispy as Maine crab sliders it’s customary to think about the dip. Don’t you think that the Dijon crab cake sauce makes a one-of-a-kind dip for the crispy appetizers? Certainly they do!! The saucy dipping promisingly adds to the taste of the crab cakes.

Maine Crab Slider
An alternative to the Dijon crab cake sauce, you can definitely think about the spicy sushi mayo, a great pair for crab cakes. Sink your teeth into the delightful taste of Maine crab cakes and enjoy an escape into the fantasy.

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