Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Enjoy the Best of Lobsters at the Right Lobster Season

If you have not tried a Maine lobster before then it is very important for you to know that there is no substitute. Along the coast of Maine, losbstering is done all throughout the year. But a seafood lover often asks himself the question if there is any lobster season. Well, generally, the best of the lobsters are known to be caught before Memorial Day or after Labor Day. But this however is always not true. This is because Mother Nature always is not that co-operating. Since the weather is highly unpredictable, the seasonal changes affect the supply and demand of Maine lobsters.

It is now well known by every seafood lover that lobster fishing is very active in the Gulf of Maine. Each area is subject to its own lobster season. Canada is known to boast of more than 60 percent of the lobster landings in the North American region. It is also known to provide more than half of the world’s supply of lobster.

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With lobster, summer is anonymous. Summer is an awaited lobster season. Some of the highest lobster landings in the world have been recorded to have taken place in the summer season. Lobstermen are known to work all round the clock to meet the demands of the tourists on the coast. Most of the lobsters are found in the summers since they are known to migrate in shore to the warmer waters. Many shed their shells during this time. After this the lobster they need to feed themselves. It is very easy to trap hungry lobsters. Generally, most of the production from July to late September is known to be of a soft shell. The soft shelled lobsters are comparatively not as strong as the hard shelled lobsters. These lobsters are also characterized as having less meat per pound than hard shelled lobsters.

Again, from mid September to late November is another lobster season when lobster fishing is being done in full swing. At this time of the year most of the lobster inventories are used to meet the demands of Christmas and New Year Celebrations. At this time of the year, the Americans transport a bulk of hard shelled lobsters to Asia and Europe to fetch some good dollars for themselves. Keeping in mind the seasonal changes and anticipating when harvest can exceed demand, the excess is stored and used when the catch is a little slower.

When the temperatures drop, lobsters become less active. During January to March there is probably no lobstering going on. The peak time for lobster fishing arises again from May and June when the lobsters have more meat.

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