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A Memorable Mother’s Day Treat with Lobsters

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Lobsters are for every occasion; they can be cooked anytime of the year because Maine has been offering the world’s finest picks in abundance. Each day, thousands of this clawed variety is fetched out from the deep oceans. With most Mainers relying on lobster fishing, you can imagine how well-known Maine lobsters really are. 

The delicate flavor of clawed lobsters picked from the ocean floors of the Atlantic, make them a superb choice as gourmet cuisines; so why not take your mom for a plush oceanic dinner ride on Mother’s day? Though your plans seem too early for a “next year” Mother’s day celebration, you can of course go ahead with your thoughts if you don’t want to end up in a last-minute mess. 

Ordering a Mothers day dinner for two

Now, the lobster dinners are meant for those who rarely get the time to jumpstart with their culinary skills. A lot of online sellers are now offering delicious ready to cook lobster preparations that can be served to two, four or even six people at a time. The servings primarily differ to tailor requirements of foodies. Like for example, the Jumbo lobster tail dinner for two seems perfect for the mother-daughter duo. There is also a Maine lobster dinner for six to serve all your family members. 

If you still insist on cooking Maine lobsters on your own then go for a surf and turf lettuce wrap, a luxurious recipe, entailing a generous proportion of filet mignon and fresh meat of a black point Maine lobster. The recipe also accompanies a lot of veggies to cover up for the fatty contents. 

A super saucy lobster meal can’t simply do without the herbed lobster roll. It’s buttery, juicy and delicious and is paired with brioche rolls. 

If you want something more, you can simply go for the lobster paella Valencia for indulging in a Spanish treat. The mussels, the fleshy chicken thighs coupled with Maine lobsters make a perfect mother’s day dinner. 

Fine dining with mom becomes unforgettable when you lay your hands on curry lobster roll with shaved vegetables. The cilantro and lime juice add to an Asiatic essence which you may miss on lobster dishes prepared in a continental way. Actually, the cilantro adds to a certain refreshing essence. 

Now, you know how to go about impressing your Mom on Mother’s day. The celebrations will turn on a new meaning if you prepare these delicious recipes all on your own.

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