Thursday, 2 May 2013

Raise a Storm at the Dinner Table with Clams

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Are you bored of the daily recipes for dinner? Are your taste buds craving for seafood dinner for quite some time now? If your answer to these questions is yes then there is nothing you should wait for! Try out the change and you will be all set to head for an extremely delicious dinner with your friends and family. 

Of a dinner at a restaurant is not a feasible option for you then there is nothing for you to get worried. Now, raising a storm at the dinner table with homemade food is no longer a big deal. With clams the storm can be raised as it is one of the most favored choices of seafood lovers and non seafood lovers alike. 

Clams are one of the greatest seafood delicacies. They enjoy an international repute as being recognized as one of the most innovative and delicious seafood dinner ideas. They are sure to add the zing to the taste bud of even the person who dislikes seafood to its core.

There is a wide range of easy to prepare dishes available with clams. Each one has a unique taste and are loved by food lovers in general. Apart from the main course items, recipes of clams are also found in soups. The Clam Chowder is one such example that comes in a thick portion that is filled with chunks of hard clamshell. One of the most popular Chowder recipes is the one that comes with a tomato stock based. They are served in restaurants and cooked at home widely.

Among the other preparation types you can try out the steamed preparation of this seafood. Though served in restaurants widely, it is also quite easy to be prepared at home. In this preparation you need to put the clams in a pot that is submerged in a little amount of water. They are steamed until the shells burst open. If you want you also can cook the steamed clams for a while and then dip it in butter before you serve them. This preparation can be cooked with both soft and hard shelled clams. Food lovers however argue that soft shelled clams are easy and best to cook.

Among the several other options that you have, you can also bake clams for dinner. Whatever be your method of preparation, you can now buy clams online and get them delivered right at your doorstep.

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