Saturday, 16 February 2013

Maine Lobsters- An Unforgettable Taste of the Atlantic Waters

If you are a seafood lover, craving for sumptuous treats picked from the seas then, rely on the gourmet’s special. Gourmet lobster cuisines are known worldwide. Since decades Maine has been in the limelight because of its oceanic offerings that are high on quality and great to taste. 

Exciting Maine lobster truths

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You must be thinking why Maine has been getting all the attention. The reason is Portland’s rocky coasts shelter the healthiest and best quality lobsters that are generously fleshy and slightly sweet in taste. The fresh lobsters are majorly hand-picked by specialists who are careful while selecting the shelled creatures. While on a mission, the experts usually work in teams. Having known the creatures of the deep for years, these people generally have an idea on lobsters and how they survive.  

Maine lobsters thrive on icy waters of the Atlantic. A majority of people find Maine lobster flesh to be sweet. The dark waters of the Atlantic contribute to the sweetness tasted in the flesh. Portland lobsters are undoubtedly the best to taste; they are fresh and extremely fleshy. 

Though slightly expensive when compared to lobsters picked from other parts of the world, Maine lobsters are cost-effective because they promise more meat. Furthermore, you might just as well think that when it comes to dining seafood, Maine lobsters are worth spending the amount. They are the best lobsters one can ever taste in a lifetime; no, it is not just a word of the mouth; people who try Maine lobster meat instantly fall for it. 

Delectable claw meat derived from Maine lobsters 

When you think about lobsters, you think about delicious claw meat and it seems like Maine lobsters are game for it. Over the years, marine scientists have worked really hard to study the characteristics of these amazingly delicious ocean-water creatures that mysteriously thrive along Maine’s rocky coastal areas. One can instantly recognize them from their large and flesh-filled claws and 5 set of crawly legs. 

However, those picked from the coastal areas of Florida, Caribbean islands and also the coasts of south California usually don’t reveal any claws. So when you rely on lobsters hailing from these areas, you actually don’t get to munch on delicious claw meat. The delectable meat cracked and extracted from the claws of Maine lobster is sumptuously tasty. Today, you can bag Maine lobsters available online and enjoy an oceanic feast with lobster meat.

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