Monday, 18 February 2013

Smart and Intelligent Tips for Cooking Live Lobsters

Lobsters might be your ultimate preference when it comes to indulging in seafood; but when it comes to cooking these crawly creatures of the deep oceans, you look nervous. It almost seems like you have little or no knowledge about “how to cook a lobster”. Actually the problem is when you are asked to cook them alive. Yes, lobsters taste the best when cooked live. The secret to retaining the freshness of these sea creatures lies with the span for which they have been kept alive. 

So, it seems like you want to master the art of cooking lobsters. First of all, you should know how to deal with live lobsters and the processes that are needful to keep them alive. There are certain measures, you need to observe before you drop them inside a boiling pot. After all, you can’t just avoid the several integral steps of cooking a lobster in the most delicious way. 

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Since, lobsters are perishable creatures it is important for you to keep them alive. How will you do this? Firstly make way for a controlled environment with salt water. This will help sustain life of these amazing sea creatures. Keeping in mind that lobsters don’t usually live for more than a day when fished out of sea waters, it is important that you cook them on the day of delivery. In order to keep lobsters alive, refrigerate them after wrapping them with moist seaweed or soft cloth. Leave the sea creatures inside the refrigerator until you decide to cook them. 

Remember, not to hold lobsters under running water; they are extremely sensitive to fresh water. These salt water creatures usually die when they come in contact with fresh water. 

Cooking means you are safe 

Now, that you are already aware of the fact that live lobsters are perishable, it is best if you cook them on the day of delivery. By the time lobsters reach your doorstep; they are estimated to be out of sea water for at least a span of 24 hours. Well!! that means you are already running short of time. However, good packaging can help them survive for a greater span. When cooked, lobsters can stay for as long as a couple of days. So, the faster you cook, the better they taste. Additionally you can enjoy a succulent lobster preparation for an extended period. The best method to check if the lobsters are still alive is to drop them inside a boiler. If the tail curls while cooking and if the tail meat remains firm then, you are lucky to have cooked these brilliant oceanic creatures, live and fresh. So, remember to keep these things in mind while cooking live lobster.

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