Tuesday, 5 February 2013

A Tryst with the Likes of Sea Foods on the Platter

The Super Bowl is all set to begin and everybody is in high spirit to enjoy watching their favourite sports stars play in the league. The tailgating season often brings you back in the late night to the house. Sea foods are quick and easy to make plus these are healthy and sumptuous. Like every other sports buff, you too gorge upon the seafood recipe to rise early next day.

Well, sporty folks aside, if you are a party popper and have organised a rendezvous, sea foods are one of the easiest meal options that can be included on the platter. The feast you have thrown for friends gets highly noted by them.

To make it easy for you on ideas, you can go for fishes like halibut or cod, have you ever tried it? If no, treat your friends for the unique palate and a classy gourmet. To make it more finger licking, you can add salsa and crackers with any of these fishes. Following the method and inputs of right ingredients brings out the essence of these sea foods in perfect way.

Crabs are the best appetizer to be included in the seafood dinner course. A fresh piece gets prepared nicely and also tastes superb. Once you have cut the crabs, mix different ingredients to it for scrumptious taste.
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Other Options for you

Seafood options

·         Shrimp
·         Lobster
·         Oysters
·         Cold cooked salmon and other fishes
·         Crab
·         Mussels
·         Caviar

To accompany sea foods, add either of the

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·         Cocktail sauce
·         Mignonette sauce
·         Small toast pieces
·         Lemon wedges
·         Lettuce and other greens
·         Asparagus spears
·         Tartar sauce
·         Crackers
·         Caper mayonnaise
·         Melted butter
·         Slice tomatoes

While serving the recipes on platter you need to consider certain instructions which include

·         Arranging the serving dish

·         Your creativity is applauded by your friends and it also adds to their appetite, you get soaked into the colours to splash the recipe with designs. Put the recipe on garnish with parsley, bed of lettuce and other greens. Add lots of lemon wedges to the recipe.

To bring an out of the world feel to the recipe, you would need live and fresh pieces. Not on every corner you can get the wishful ones, for that, you have to roam through the online shops. The perfect seafood dinner ideas sum up with the availability of fresh pieces in your kitchen.

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