Thursday, 21 February 2013

Taste the Ocean through Decadent Lobster Treats

Lobsters have become a part of my weekend platter. Ever since childhood lobsters have been my favorites, so much so that I would skip a meal if Mom had failed to prepare them for my Sunday lunch. As I grew older my craving for these exotic sea creatures increased. I am now a veteran in this subject and hold interests in discovering new lobster cooking ideas. 

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At times I feel like going mad when I find people opining wrongly on lobsters and their taste. Believe it or not till now I have tasted lobsters from different parts of the world; and I am proud to reveal the fact that I can distinctly decipher the taste of lobsters that really tends to vary with the breed or the zone from which they hail. Sometimes, the flesh of the creature is enough to unveil the name of the coastal region from which it has been fished. 

Now, that I have disclosed my likings for lobster cuisines I would also love to share a secret with you. Guess what? I am a true lover of Maine lobsters. Not because I am a resident of Portland, but because I have always been in love with the unforgettable taste of Maine’s picks. 

Yes, a Maine lobster guarantees taste and quality and I am pretty sure you would love them too. Like I have said I can decipher lobster breed by looking deep into the following factors:
  • Activity
  •  Color
  •  Shell
  • Features
Now, when I am trying to distinguish Maine lobsters I would look for the same factors. Let me now explain what I look for when I am buying Maine lobsters: 
  • Activity: The strong and healthy Maine lobster will not move with its tail curled inwards and its claws hanging loose. They always tend to have their claws hanging upwards, showing some kind of “don’t mess with me” attitude.
  • Color: Maine lobsters majorly reveal an unusual greenish brown hue; sometimes they can also be blue, red, yellow or white in color.
  • Shell: A fully grown Maine lobster may unveil some dark spots on its shell; well these dark patches develop due to overuse and ravages of time. The dark spots reflect on the fact that the lobster has grown old and has not yet shed its shell.  
  • Features: Maine lobsters reveal huge claws accommodating a lot of flesh. Additionally these cold water lobsters taste sweeter than picks from other parts of the world.

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