Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Boiling Helps Retain the Real Flavors of Maine Lobster

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There are endless ways to cook a live lobster; now that these sea-creatures have become a popular cuisine choice people are hardly interested in having beef and other meaty dishes. A majority of times people are dining on them because seafood is really interesting. When you search for seafood, a sea of options comes your way; so much so that you tend to get lost in them. Nowadays, Maine lobsters have become quite popular in the world of food because they tend to yield yummy delicacies. Surprisingly, a few decades back, those from the elite community refrained from having lobsters because the latter was considered a food choice for the poverty-stricken. Later on such notions had changed making lobster the most preferred choice amongst gourmands. 

Lobster delicacies are prepared in a number of ways; but the one thing that a person should keep in mind while cooking lobsters is that he/she should collect some seawater before the sea monsters are dunked in a pot for boiling. Most chefs believe that sea water helps lock the taste and freshness of lobster meat. If you think it is quite weird to collect seawater for boiling lobsters and then mix salt in a pot of water. It will simply do the magic. A breakthrough from the stereotypical menu, lobsters are tasty and are known to offer nutritional benefits to mankind. 

Lobsters can be boiled, broiled, steamed and grilled; a majority of chefs recommend the boiled or steamed cooking because it helps capture the luscious oceanic taste for long. Sea or salt water is best suited for a boil. In case if you wish to surprise yourself with a delectable oceanic touch, then go for Maine picks; they are the best you will ever find. Some say, boiling takes much less time; it’s in fact the best way to retain the royal taste of a Main lobster, the fleshiest crustacean variety alive. Some even say that boiling helps the meat come out faster; in fact it is considered one of the best lobster cooking approaches. 

Among the different ways of cooking a live lobster, boiling deserves special mention because it helps retain the nutritional benefits of the sea monster. If fetching Atlantic waters seem like a far cry to you, then the one thing you can do is add some sea salt to the fluid. The salt helps balance the pure Atlantic essence in a lobster.

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