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Maine Lobsters: A Gourmet’s Delight and Perfect to Keep Health in Order

The beautiful Atlantic coast of North America, Maine is known globally for varieties of sea foods. The beautiful coastal region does not attract only sight-surfers from around the world but connoisseurs of good foods take a pride in spending holidays at the coasts of Maine. 
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American lobsters, known globally as Maine lobster, are the centers of attraction at Maine. Maine lobsters can elongate to body size of 64 cm and amass more than 20 kilograms. Such bodily ratio makes it the heaviest crustacean in world. 

It’s believed that Maine lobsters reach an edible age at seven years and can live for more than 100 years.
At the coasts of Maine, usually green-blue or brown-green colored lobsters are found. However, after getting cooked, all the live lobsters obtain brick-red color. 

A gourmet’s delight

Lobsters from Maine make wonderful recipes. Most people prefer lobster recipes on the weekends and special occasions. A live lobster, when cooked, can bring aromatic palate to your mouth. 

Preparing a lobster recipe does not take much effort. You can prepare a yummy and delightful lobster recipe by boiling, steaming or grilling the lobsters. 
Besides preparing delightful recipes, lobsters are also considered perfect for health. Various nutritional facts of Maine lobsters make it an ideal choice for people suffering from heart diseases or wary of their health.  
Some of the health benefits of Maine lobsters

  •  The low fat content in lobsters makes it a good choice for people on diet and conscious of health.
  • Lobsters contain high protein.
  • Low cholesterol contents help in the maintenance of triglyceride level in the human body. It also helps in keeping healthy heart.
  • Presence of Omega-3 fatty acids ensures proper functioning of heart and brain. Besides it, arrhythmias risks are also lowered that can prevent people from sudden cardiac arrests.
  •  Lobsters’ compounds are helpful in reducing atherosclerotic plaque growth and lower blood pressure.
  • Lobsters have proved effective in curing different health related disorders, such as osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, colon cancer and chronic conditions involving bone, cardiovascular disease, connective tissue, heart and blood vessels.
  •  Zinc contents help in improving brain activities and immune system.
  • Lobsters are considered a great source of Vitamin B12 that maintains red blood and nerve cells.
Containing such highly advantageous nutritional facts, Maine lobsters are delight for seafood lovers as well them, who want to keep their health in check.
But, to avail all the nutritional facts, you must prepare a recipe from live lobsters, as lobsters tend to get rot soon after death. It’s not easy to fetch live Maine lobsters from the marketplace, so you can prefer shopping for live and fresh lobster pieces from online retail shops. They facilitate delivery of Maine lobster at your doorstep within reasonable time from booking an order.

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