Friday, 12 April 2013

Bringing To You the Real Taste of Lobsters

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When it comes to lobsters endless ideas pop up in your head; there are so many of them that you feel confused while selecting a particular menu. Now, that you have fallen for lobsters already; you ensure that these crustaceans find a dominant place in your menu choice. Be it weekend dinners, parties, get-together or just a romantic getaway with your husband; you tend to make it a point to include the shellfish in your cuisine list. A majority of people who love lobsters often prefer the clawed monsters than the spiny variety which are less fleshy than the former. The clawed ones are really meaty and come from the deep freezing Atlantic waters along the coasts of New England. 

With the evolution of new tastes, chefs are coming up with recipes that are a breakthrough from boring cuisines served in our everyday life. Literally there are thousands of lobster recipes that come rolling soon after you click for a choice. The yummy recipes are floating everywhere across the globe; while some of them bear a pure Asian touch, others reveal a European or a staunch American flair. 

For example the lobster paella Valencia tastes excellent. Comprising a generous amount of steamed mussels, alongside lobster meat and bits of shrimps, the delicacy helps you explore the richness of Spanish cuisine culture. 

If you prefer to dine on lobsters with a continental flair, then don’t miss out on the curry lobster roll with shaved vegetables. The lime zest, shallots, cilantro and curry powder add to a refreshing essence.
If you are a true American and still want to delve into lobster dinner ideas, then it is out of the question to skip the unforgettable Maine lobster Benedict. The English muffins, the sautéed lobster meat, the poached eggs make a fantastic breakfast. 

It seems you want more!! Now, you can rely on the red lobster biscuits; absolutely meant for lobster fanatics. Even those who are too choosy about food will love to have this delicious home-made seafood treat. 

For those who are in love with the rich spicy essence of Indian cuisine will never miss out on this lobster coconut curry that has been alluring the taste-buds of gourmands from across the world. There are certain Asian cuisines that have been satisfying people since generations. The delicious coconut curry reflects on the richness of Asian culinary art. 

Now, you can prepare these lobster dishes online and get set for a delicious dinner with family and friends.

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