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Delicious Oceanic Treats For Birthdays

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Birthday parties go really well with seafood. These days, people are skipping regular menus and resorting to seafood just to add a flavor to the celebrative mood. Even I believe, to some extent good food has a lot to do with making someone happy; so why not seafood? 

When someone is bored of regular recipes, he/she quickly needs a shift. In fact my son Joshua, had told me to prepare something different this time for his birthday party; after all, we had invited his school friends and he wanted me to prove how well his mother really is, at cooking seafood cuisines. 

I was pretty nervous at first because I was not quite acquainted to seafood recipes; I have hardly prepared them in my own kitchen; but thanks to the online seafood recipes. They were a great help for me. 

While reading about seafood recipes for a birthday party I had chanced upon a preparation on crab meat and Asian herbs. I was quite sure that Joshua and his friends would love to taste the succulent and delicate crab meat enveloped inside a golden omelet. I had to first collect the ingredients which included the following: 

·         Green chilies (de-seeded and halved), 1
·         Crabmeat (cooked), 1 cup
·         Grated ginger, 2 tsp
·         Pea sprouts (trimmed), 1 cup
·         Spring onions (thinly sliced), 6
·         Fish sauce, 1 tsp
·         Soy sauce, 2 tsp
·         Eggs, 3
·         Oyster sauce, 2 tbsp 

Firstly, I took a bowl and then mixed the crab meat with ginger, ½ chili and ½ spring onions. After this, I had set them aside. Then I kept the remaining portion of the chopped chili and placed it inside a bowl. I had also added the remaining part of the spring onion along with the sprouts and then, again I had to set this mixture aside. 

Meanwhile, I had to slightly beat the eggs along with the fish sauce and soy. Next, I took some oil in a skillet and brushed it thoroughly. After the oil got heated, I had to add the eggs and had to gently stir them with a fork (note: I had used the underside of the fork). As the egg got cooked, I had to ensure that it remained soft. After taking out the cooked egg from the skillet I had to pour the crab meat mixture just at the centre of it. Then, I rolled it up and sliced it from the middle. I had also poured some oyster sauce on it and garnished it with sprout mixture. 

After, the Asian crab omelet, I had to prepare mussels with green onions and ginger. Josh had told me that his friends were head over heels for it.  The mussel recipe needed the following ingredients:
  • Medium sized ginger (peeled and finely shredded)
  •   Chinese 5 spice, ½ tsp
  • Sesame oil, 1 tsp
  • Thin slices of a garlic clove
  •  Trimmed and sliced green onions
  • Soy sauce (dark), 2 tbsp
  • Chicken stock, ½ cup
  • Peanut oil, 2 tsp
  • Brown sugar, 1 tbsp
  • Trimmed choy sum, 2 bunches
  •  De-bearded and scrubbed black mussels, 2lb
Firstly I took a wok and placed it on high flame; then I added oil. After this I had added the five spices, garlic and ginger and also ½ green onions into the oil and stirred the ingredients for a minute. Later on, I poured the soy sauce, wine, sugar and chicken stock and brought the mixture to a boil. After this, I added the mussels and covered the wok for about 3-4 minutes. After the mixture got cooked I transferred the entire of it in a bowl. 

After some time, I had to add the peanut oil in the wok and heat it over high flame. Next, I added the choy sum and stirred to fry the same. I also took some shallow bowls where I had placed choy sum and had topped it with cooking liquid and mussels. I had also sprinkled the leftover green onions over the food. 

To have an idea about seafood recipes you can simply go online.

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