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Pair up your Lobster Dinner with the Perfect Side Dish

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A weekend dinner always calls for celebration with the entire family over the dining table. While making a lobster dinner most of us face the problem of not knowing what to serve it with. It is true that a special main dish deserves special side dishes. While you plan out your meal whether it is serving a steak or a lobster dinner, you need to consider a few side dishes and innovative ideas:

Start Off with an Appetizer

Always remember that choosing the right appetizer is the key to making your dinner a success. You can bake up some cheesy biscuits or arrange for some light salad of greens. A mini lobster roll would actually be the perfect opening act for the delicious lobster main entrée.

Pair your Dinner up

You might want to pair your lobster with steak or something other and make it a combined dinner. A good companion to the lobster is butter sauce and you can try sugar snap peas. You can also serve sautéed asparagus with a sauce of your choice.

Side Dishes

Lobster as a dish is relatively heavy and therefore it is better for you to choose a typically lighter side dish. A green salad with a light creamy dressing perfectly compliments lobster dishes. You can also plan a fruit salad that has a creamy dressing. Another side that goes well with a lobster dish is garlic toast.

End With a Decent Dessert

An elegant dinner needs to end with an elegant dessert as well. You can try making a homemade cheesecake or a chocolate cake without flour. Both these desserts are actually rich enough to stand up to a fabulous lobster dinner for your entire family. You can also serve them with tiny little slices of indulgence. A cup of dessert wine would be just perfect.

A lobster does not require being prepared in an exceptionally fancy way. If you think that lobster is a delicacy for adults only then you are wrong. Lobster dishes can be enjoyed by every member of your family and is a hit among children as well. The key lies in cooking the dish in a perfect way. It is for this reason that picking the right lobster is as important as selecting the right side dish.

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