Friday, 12 April 2013

Celebrate Some Lavish Moments with Your Partner over an Extravagant Lobster Dinner Menu

Tomorrow it’s going to be our 5th wedding anniversary and I am really excited that we have finally made it through 5 odd years of our life. No!! I have not forgotten the happy moments though; because spending time with him has always been happier. Even till date I get so engrossed in his words that at times he tells me “Goodness Nicole!! You are still that high school girl I had found 7 years back”. He is my love; life seems empty without him. 

For the past four years he has been taking me to restaurants; I have seen the bills and they were so huge that I would tell him not to empty his pocket over such extravagant orders. I have known Freddie for quite some time now and I know that he has a habit of indulging in overgenerous buys.  Tomorrow it is going to be special because I am going to prepare everything at home and I am not going to speak a word about it until he discovers it for real. 

A lavish seafood dinner with husband 

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Oh!! I am so excited to think that Freddie and I are going to enjoy a seafood platter tomorrow. It has been quite a while that he has been insisting me to prepare lobsters for a fine dining moment. Yes!! I am going to gift him a never-before dining memory with my own culinary expertise. 

What am I going to prepare? Though, the lobsters have already been delivered, I am quite excited about the preparations. To start with, herbed lobster roll will be perfect. The refined taste of Maine lobster is best tasted with fresh herbs and creams. Now, for the main course, I am thinking that I may add lobster tails in the menu alongside a Lobster Paella or the classic Jambalaya. 

I have started feeling confused because I have stumbled upon a host of super tasty lobster recipes that also include lobster bisque and lobsters with Chinese vegetables; an absolutely Asiatic indulgence. Oh!! And I am also not ruling out the Spanish poached lobster from the menu. Yes, I am going to try out lobster dinner recipes for two of us. 

A few minutes ago I was thinking whether it would have been better if had gone for luxury lobster dinner for two. Well!! I seem to have made up my mind that no matter what I will treat him with lobsters prepared solely by me. May be I will try the exotic dinner choices, at a later date.

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