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A Mouth-Watering Recipe for the Special Occasions

Sea foods make perfect options on certain special occasions; lots of people also prefer to gorge upon marine food on weekends and holidays. While crabs, fishes, octopus are among the most consumed sea foods, lobsters are regarded as luxurious in this category. 

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The coastal region of Maine is well known for the quality of lobsters being produced from here. Maine lobsters are one of the most sought after sea foods around the world and savoured by most of the people, around the world. 

Around the world, connoisseurs of good food love to celebrate their special occasions on lobster recipes. Such is the craze for lobster recipes that foodies visit even chic and plush restaurants wholeheartedly.
A lobster recipe prepared with sheer perfection and right ingredients can make your dinner party truly especial and remarkable. One of such recipes to draw attention from everywhere is, Surf & Turf Lettuce Wraps. 

This recipe is healthy and rich in several vitamins, minerals and protein. If you are a sea food lover, with utmost surety, you will fall for this recipe. The best part of this Maine lobster for dinner recipe is that you can fill lettuce tacos with anything that you have on hand and eat with your hand, besides no need to do the dishes. 

So, here you are with the right ingredients and appropriate preparation method

  •  Head of Lettuce, 1 (preferably Boston bib)
  • Black Point Maine Picked Lobster Meat, 1/2 to 1 LB
  • Red Pepper, 1
  •  Cuts of Filet Mignon, 1 to 2 6oz
  •  Spanish onion or Red onion, 1/2
  • Soy Orange Citrus Sauce or a Sauce that has sweet and some heat, 1 Bottle
Preparation method
  • Clean the lettuce with water and pat it to dry completely. Do try to keep the leaves of lettuce intact and if possible, keep them cup-shaped.
  • Chop off onion and red pepper individually and set aside separately.
  •   Now, cut the lobster meat into small pieces and put them aside
  • Time to cut the filet mignon into small parts.
  •  Put the sauté pan on heat and mix small quantity of oil.
  • Cook the fillet into it for about a minute and when the desired level of doneness has come up, set aside.
  • For putting Surf and Turf Wrap together, keep a piece of lettuce on a plate
  •   Mix a tablespoon each of filet and lobster meat
  • Sprinkle red pepper and onion on top of the mixtures and then, add soy orange citrus sauce.
  • Time to serve the delicious recipe
So, the recipe is all set to get served, do not forget to mention how you liked the recipe.
Always keep in mind while going to prepare a lobster recipe, the lobster pieces must be fresh and live.

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