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Maine Lobsters- The King of Lobsters

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Dying to allure your taste-buds with wild oceanic touch? It is time you reach out for the coastal fineries. Yes, in order to taste the rich flavor of lobsters you must first try out Maine picks; they are the most delicious of all crustaceans alive. The Atlantic waters have brushed them with a one of a kind flavor; yes, they are the tastiest and the meatiest of all. 

Maine lobsters are the best 

 In no way can you beat the rich exotic flavor of Maine lobsters. Today, the region has earned name because of its high quality lobster production. Lobster harvesters use scientific and authentic techniques to bring out these exotic crustaceans from the ocean floor. They resort to unique techniques that help safeguard their livelihood and value the eco-system for a better tomorrow; after all they are pretty aware of the fact that depletion will affect the dual aspects. 

Maine lobsters are the biggest and meatiest breed in the crustacean family. They possess a huge pair of fleshy claws and a fat meaty tail portion. Maine picks bear a distinct flavor; yes, the meat usually is sweet. Do you know why? The freezing Atlantic waters contribute to this magical sweet essence. Maine lobsters are considered a delicacy among gourmands. The succulent flavor of Maine lobster meat is deliciously savored by our taste-buds

Eating Maine lobsters- Not a crime 

The good thing about eating Maine lobsters is that you will not feel guilty while sinking your teeth into the meat of a delicious Maine lobster. The crustaceans are carefully harvested by fishermen who seek sustainable methods helping maintain the quality of ocean picks and retaining their growth in the depths of the oceans. 

The well-managed lobster harvesting system is popular among people who consider this as a major source of their livelihood. The harvesters always consider eco-friendly methods that have been in existence since long. They have been practicing these scientific techniques for over a span of 125 years. Can you beat this? In fact the harvesters focus on complying with regulatory measures considered essential in protecting the marine resource and ensuring good health of these sea creatures. 

Do you know why Maine offers the freshest lobsters in the world? Well take a look at some of these important considerations made by lobster harvesters and you will realize why they taste heavenly: 
  •  Minimum limit for lobster size
  •  Tail notching
  • Apprentice program
  • Maximum limit for lobster size
  •  Trap limits
  • Harvesting methods
The average harvester will consider these important factors before fishing out lobsters from the oceans.

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