Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Let Maine Pamper You with Fleshy and Tasty Lobsters

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Who doesn’t crave for premium Maine lobster meat? Maine’s specialty lobsters have been serving the world with their “Oh-so-delicious” taste and have become a part of gourmet cuisines.  From special buffet lunch to mouthwatering barbeque dinners, these sumptuously delicious sea-water creatures have secured a definite position in our heart; so much so that we hardly give other conventional food items a try, these days. 

A majority of the fresh lobster meat sold everyday come from pure breed and newly picked lobsters that thrive in the serenity of the deep Atlantic waters. Every morning the fishermen pick thousands of them and sell them in the market. 

In order to ensure superb quality meat, the fishermen will take the trouble of waking early in the morning to get the freshest picks. The best thing about Maine lobsters is that they are of pure breed and their meat don’t contain any percentage of preservatives. Additionally, foodies have noticed that Maine lobster meat generally taste a bit sweet. The reason for this is the fact that the freezing waters of the Atlantic add to the sweetness in the flavor of Maine lobster meat. 

Why are Maine lobsters the best sellers? 

If you want to gorge on quality lobster meat,  then order those from Maine. With the availability of the internet, you can now buy Maine lobster online. Customers from across the country can taste the best of lobster meat because of quick delivery facilities. During shipping and delivery, the lobster meat is handled by professionals who consider taking step minutely in order to see that the meat is packaged most appropriately. Packaging and delivery efficiency actually helps lock the freshness of lobsters ordered by customers. 

Maine lobsters and nutritional facts

Since lobsters are usually low on calories and fat content; they really tend to make nutritious meals. Additionally it has also been learnt that a lobster is rich in amino acid, Vitamins and minerals which are most important for the human body to function properly. However, it’s a known fact that too much of lobster consumption can spoil your digestive system. 

Tips for eating Maine lobster 

Whether you are a pro with Maine lobsters or are a newbie; you should follow certain tips for eating these delicious sea creatures:
  • Wear the bib
  • Twist the claws
  • Crack the claw with a nut cracker
  • Separate the tail from the body and break tail flippers
  • Use a fork and insert into the tail to push out the flesh
  •  Separate the underside shell from the body and eliminate the tomalley
  •  Crack the shell and halve the body. Squeeze out the meat

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