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Maine lobsters- The benchmark For Quality Seafood

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Maine lobsters have been my favorite since childhood. In fact Mom had once told me that those picked from the coasts of Maine taste the best. Any guess? I was too little to understand these big secrets. So, when I grew up I asked Mommy about Maine lobsters and how they have managed to get good points. She told me that one of the main reasons Portland lobsters are a hot favorite among foodies, is that these shellfish usually taste better than those picked from other parts of the world. 

Since decades fishermen have been harvesting this special breed of lobster that boast of huge fleshy claws and thick tails. I was literally surprised to learn lobsters were once considered a sign of poverty; only poor people were found to have these shellfish. Strongly a part of the crustacean family, Maine lobsters take pride in revealing a delectable taste. 

Now I find Maine picks served at some of the finest restaurants of the world. Generally a lobster meal will cost me more than the one comprising meat and vegetables. Since I am used to having Maine lobsters, it is quite obvious for me to opt out the spiny crustaceans that come for a cheaper price. Before I order for the menu, I ensure that the restaurant serves me with succulent Maine lobster meat. The moment I find some other breed, my mood instantly turns off. 

Since my mom is a pure Mainer, she knows how folks would work hard for the best catch. She has told me, that after noticing a growth in demand for cold water crustaceans, the harvesters started implementing innovative technologies for quality catch. Even today, the fishermen use a specific vessel comprising a tank filled with seawater, to ship live Maine lobsters. 

Such methods are highly in practice; the water in the tank helps sustain life of the crustaceans. Today, lobster meat is sold in cans; the meat is generally treated with preservatives to stay fresh for an extended period. Personally I will suggest everyone to buy live lobsters, which taste more delicious than other breeds of the same kind. 

The changes in lobster harvesting patterns have ultimately contributed to the popularity of Maine lobsters which are currently ruling the menu of some of the finest food joints and restaurants on earth. I have even learnt from my friend, who is a resident of Maine, that nowadays, the fishermen are implementing combined techniques to get the perfect catch. The fishing folks generally catch the shellfish with the help of traps and haulers. 

Since I don’t have much time to visit the market and pick fresh lobsters, I generally buy Maine lobsters online. In fact I am not the only one to purchase Maine picks through this short-cut route; there are hundreds or you can say thousands of buyers who switch online to opt for a convenient buy.

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