Tuesday, 19 March 2013

My Love for Maine Lobsters

My love for lobsters has grown ever since I tried Maine picks. Being a meat fanatic, I was not quite sure about how lobsters would taste; in fact I had hardly given them a try in my entire life until I visited Maine where my girlfriend Gisele lives. Gisele and I are in a relation for quite some time now; we met over a social networking site and soon became friends. 

Later on we fell in love and decided to take our relation to the next level. Though, we have been “virtual” lovers since long; it was only recently that we saw each other in real life. The first thing that came out of my mouth after staring at her was “you are beautiful”. Being a resident of Maine she knows the nooks and corners of the place. 

Gisele’s father runs a small fishery with other folks. Every morning he hits the docks to pick the most flavorful and freshest lobsters on earth. At Maine, seafood had comprised most of my dinner and lunch meals. I was quite taken aback by the flavorful taste of Maine lobsters. They seemed yummy!! For a change, Martha, Gisele’s mom, would serve me steaks and bacons; later on she understood that I had fallen in love with lobsters. 

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Till the time I was there at Gisele’s house, each day I discovered a new lobster recipe and I should admit that both mom and daughter are really good chefs. In the evening when Roger, Gisele’s dad would return he would sit and chat with me. In fact I have learnt a lot more about Maine lobsters. He said that Maine’s picks are the most popular in the whole world. 

These healthy lobsters weigh at least a pound or so during maturity; most importantly the meat extracted from this specific breed of crustaceans reveal a somewhat sweetened taste. Roger had said that it was due to the influence of the freezing Atlantic surroundings that Maine lobsters taste a bit sweeter than other breeds. Today, I really am not shameful to reveal that I have gone crazy with Maine picks. Yes, Maine lobster is my favorite and I really don’t hold any inhibition about it. 

“Lobstering” is a major source of livelihood in Maine. The place is completely ruled by the fishing community who consider scientific and natural tactics to fish out lobsters from the seas and sell them in the healthiest state. I am giving a 10/10 for Maine lobsters because I am completely floored by the taste of Maine picks.

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