Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Lobsters For a Healthy You and Me

Lobsters, considered a top option by foodies, are also the doctor’s choice for people who want to stay fit and healthy. Lately people are found to prefer these crustaceans over regular beef and pork because of the former’s nutritional benefits. While researching on the nutritional benefits of lobster meat, nutritionists have come to the conclusion that apart from consuming lobster as a whole, one can consider having lobster tails because of their added benefits. 
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Consuming lobster tails will mean contributing little extra of Omega-3 Fatty acids to your dietary regime. As mentioned earlier that fatty acids curtail on heart risks, lobster tails are highly recommended by food experts. These crustaceans can reveal an array of breeds; they even differ in size and color. The large clawed lobsters bear maximum flesh in the claws and tail; they are generally referred to as the European or American lobsters and boast of flavorful meat. They generally thrive in chilled waters and are tastier than their warm water counterparts. 

After researching on lobster meat, nutritionists have discovered that every 100 gm of meat extracted from lobster tail contains 90calories. So, if you wish to stay healthy in the forthcoming days then consider a blend of vegetables with lobster tails; sounds like your mouth has already started watering. 

How do you feel when you come to know the fact that the food you are consuming is actually healthy? A certain joyous feel arise in your heart. Actually when you consume lobster tail, you add only 1 gram of fat to your body; which is quite okay for a person who is a bit health conscious. Every 100 grams of serving will contribute to a meager 1 gram of fat. 

Lobster meat hardly contains any percentage of saturated fat. Now, you don’t have to watch yourself in the mirror. Discarding meat and welcoming lobsters to your platter would mean you have chosen health over unhealthy consumptions. Indeed lobster tails are nutritious!! 

Furthermore, it has been found out that a hundred gram of lobster serving would reap only 1 gram of carbohydrate. If you are thinking of cutting it low on carbohydrates then go for it. Go for lobsters!!Nutritionists have opined that a hundred gram serving would yield to around 296mg of sodium; which means low sodium content. Every 100 gram lobster serving is known to add around 19gms of protein. Wow!! So, lobsters can actually give you everything you need to stay slim and healthy.

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