Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Lobsters for Fine Dining With Friends

These days I don’t mind giving beef and turkeys a skip; In fact I am unable to believe the fact that there has been such a drastic change in me. After my trip to Portland where my uncle stays, I have been completely smitten by lobsters; yes, I have fallen in love with them, so much so that I can even think of altering my regular meaty meals with lobsters.  Ever since I have tasted the rich flavor of lobster meat, I have been craving my heart out for it.  Even some of my friends love having Maine lobsters and they have recommended quite a few lobster recipes that, they claim, taste heavenly. 
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I am thinking of planning a get-together with my friends so that I can party hard with them and burst out all the stress that have piled up for many years. Yes, it has been a year and I have hardly met them. Knowing well that my friends love lobsters, I am thinking of ordering some live Maine lobsters. There are already quite a number of lobster sellers doing business online; so it won’t be a problem to order these extremely delicious sea-picks. 

I have heard from my uncle that lobsters from Maine are considered a specialty from across the world. People crave for a fresh bite of lobster meat that generally tends to be sweet. When I had first learnt about the hint of sweetness in Maine lobster meat, I was not quite sure whether such a claim is true. Later on, with a single bite, it all became crystal clear as I was already smitten by the taste. Well!! As per the claims made by lobster harvesters, the sweetness tasted in the meat of Maine lobsters is because of the influence of the freezing and clean waters of the Atlantic. Surprising!! Isn’t it? 

After, searching the web I chanced upon a site that is selling lobster dinners worldwide; they have just provided me a list of fine dining choices on lobsters. They offer really delicious seafood dinner for a great party

I feel great because now I can just lay off my hands from all the cooking hassles; and I am pretty confident that they are going to ship me fresh lobster dinner for my friends. At last!! My wishes are going to turn true. My friends will be more than just happy to find that I have chosen a fantastic lobster dinner menu for them.

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