Thursday, 21 March 2013

Burst Into Flavors As You Gorge On Lobster Tails

Apart from love and sentiments there are still a bunch of things that money can’t buy. I had realized this while I was having Maine lobsters. It’s true that I had paid for these fresh ocean picks but I never imagined that these lobsters would taste so delicious that I would have to place an order soon after I started licking my fingers. My friends had assured that Maine picks taste the best; though, this was my second try in my entire life, I was quite smitten by the taste. 

Despite, being a big time meaty person, I had finally given lobsters a try. Now, I do consider this as one of my achievements because lobsters bear an awesome taste; and those picked from the docks of Portland taste even better. Rather I should assert that Maine lobsters taste heavenlier than their spiny counterparts. 

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“From docks to plate” the lobster men will wake up early in the morning to fetch the best lobsters in this whole wide world. As I got these Maine lobsters delivered to my doorstep, I had realized that the tail portion of these shellfish contains the maximum volume of meat. I was in a dilemma; whether to cook them in whole or to try out the tail portion. It was entirely confusing for me to decide. My husband “Will” had suggested me to try out the tails. Quickly I had browsed the internet to find some interesting recipes on lobster tails.

While browsing websites I had found a majority of people claiming that lobster tails bear most of the lobster meat. Do they? I would suggest that every seafood lover should try out lobster tails to get the authentic taste of the seas. This portion of the shell fish is sure to turn your standard meal into a plush gourmet affair. 

In order to lock the precious taste of lobster meat, I was asked to follow the cooking instructions properly. First of all it is important for the seafood lover to focus on the cooking temperature and time. After thawing lobster tails it is important that one must start with the instructions to cook them. Remember, not to go overboard with any cooking method; else you lose the real taste of lobster flesh. Can you afford to make this grave mistake ever? 

You can boil, broil, grill or steam lobster meat; personally I had tried the grilling procedure for an enhanced flavor.

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