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Buy Fresh and Live Lobsters for a Scrumptious Palate

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Sea foods are the ultimate choice for connoisseurs of good foods. It’s no secret that these foods are good for health and contain almost all the required nutrients. Lobsters are one of the most preferred sea foods and a better choice when it comes about easy digestion. 

Maine is world famous for the quality of lobsters it produces. This food stuff is exported to various parts of the world from Maine. Such is the popularity of Maine lobsters that each year lobster festival is organized at the coastal region. This year in 2013, Maine Lobster Festival will take place from July 31 to August 4. 

The five days of fun and feast on the magnificent Maine coast attracts eyes from around the world. Several events are scheduled in between the five days of Maine lobster festival. These events include arts and crafts, cooking contest, entertainment, coronation, etc.  

Online shops provide you fresh and live lobster pieces

The popularity of lobsters is widened by the online shops which cater fresh pieces of lobsters to seafood aficionados. Now, you do not have to visit the marketplace to procure the fresh and live pieces, just make an order on the online shops and these are delivered at your doorstep. 

You should always go for fresh pieces to prepare a delicious lobster recipe. Pieces which are not fresh might not produce the yummy taste you crave for. It’s not a surety that shops at the marketplace are available with fresh stocks; a few of them can even sell dead and yellowish pieces to you. 

So always prefer to buy live lobster online, if you truly run with a desire to cook scrumptious lobster recipes. Once you have bought the lobsters, storage is a tricky process to continue with. You must exercise utmost care and perfection while storing the lobster pieces. 

Tips to store a live lobster
  • Most of the online shops put rubber bands on the mouth of lobsters for safety purpose. After the delivery, when you are to start storage process, do not remove the rubber bands from lobster’s mouth otherwise they might eat away your fingers.  
  • Wrap the lobsters in a moist layer of newspaper to keep them sluggish to come out from the wet paper bag. A moist lobster is always nice to cook.
  • A lobster with hard shell is likely to stay alive for 36 to 48 hours. You can keep the live pieces of lobsters in a bag or container, also place iced up gel pack inside the bag or container.
  • Always place lobsters in the bottom shelf of refrigerator so as to avoid contaminating other food stuffs. 
  • Keep in mind that lobsters can remain alive in the refrigerator maximum for 48 hours, exceeding the time limit may produce dead lobster syndrome. So, cook it within the 48 hours of delivery. 

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